Onto the Next

Change is an inevitability, something which is planned, but can still leave us severely unprepared. To cease to exist; transforming from existence into non-existence is the greatest change of them all, and the most certain event in our seemingly short lives. Taking a step back from such melancholia, and accepting the small and no-less profound changes in one’s life is still valuable.

Physically shutting the door and being able to say ‘onto the next’ is precious. Indeed, it may hurt, there’s a comfortability about the way you can swoon about the scenario you’re in, completely at ease and if being totally honest, somewhat complacent. But the next challenge is always needed, and always welcomed. As hard as it initially seems, closing the door firmly shut, locking it and throwing away the key even, is certainly almost impossible when you feel so at home, but the opportunity should be embraced, and not taken at all lightly.

The cold waves rushed around our legs, the dreary and horrific November rain drenched us through, the sand sticking to our faces with the bitter wind lapping against our pink rosy cheeks and bright red ears. It was impossible, a time long ago, longing to be forgotten, but still present at the forefront of memory, peaking into the consciousness every now and then, a gentle reminder of the harshness felt and injustice suffered. All that time, it was there, the place you held dear, an oasis of stability and sincere comfort, of laughter and love, a welcomed contrast between the cold November.

No matter what lies ahead, however great and splendid, however beautiful, comfortable and sincere, when all is considered, between almost perfect and safe, the bewildering and hurtful is still held so close that it is a reality amongst your bones, even if you wish it was a far distant remnant of the past. About change, this is what is the most peculiar. Indeed, you may be moving on from something so positive, but deeper down, there is something far more hurtful that you’re closing the door upon, life changing and horrific events which you’re glad to see the back of. The way it works however (whatever that mystical ‘it’ is) proposes that in order to close the bad, you must also close the good attached to it, so closely entwined. To move on, into the new, into the unknown, the comfort must be lost a little.


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